Friday, September 25, 2009


I think it would be fun to start a cooking blog. But as that's not something I do every day, it may be slow going, and in that case it's probably more worthwhile to not make it a separate blog. I thought no movie could inspire me to cook more than Ratatouille, and perhaps that's still true, but seeing Julie & Julia has also shown me the possibilities of chef-blogging in the digital age. I still feel weird calling this the digital age... especially when compared to all the other "ages" in the past, such as stone, iron, bronze, etc. People used to build and make weapons with stone... then they started making weapons out of iron... now... we make weapons out of pixels on screens? I guess that's safer. But I digress.

Anyway, I'm always looking for new ideas on cooking. I work full-time, and have extra activities going on at least three nights of the week, so sometimes I have to find ways to make quick & easy meals that don't come solely out of a box (not that all boxed/frozen dinners are bad... I just couldn't eat them more than once a week... yuck).

Most of the time, I'll make a large casserole or other dish during the weekend, usually Sunday afternoon, and then spread that out over the next few days. This week was whole wheat spaghetti with vodka sauce (Newman's, not home-made, haha). Pasta is good for such things. This week I'll probably do slow-cooker macaroni & cheese, with broccoli.

One of my favorites that I've done recently was breaded orange chicken with almond wild rice. It was a great combination, and while the seasoned bread crumbs kinda overshadowed the orange flavor, the chicken was very tender. I think I could make that into a casserole too, theoretically. I got both recipes at, which is a nice little community of recipes and cooks. I may try a cooking blog there, but it's so hard to be spread out over so many different sites. Ah well.

I should do some e-mail before my lunch break is over... namarie.


  1. Your post is making me hungryyy! =] If you do some cooking posts, you should add pictures. =]

  2. I should! A sort of cyberspace cooking chronicle...